Principal Investigator

Dr. Rachel Khadaroo, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Dr. Rachel Khadaroo Surgeon-Scientist, University of Alberta Hospital 
Associate Professor, University of Alberta
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Dr. Rachel Khadaroo , MD, PhD, FRCSC, is a Surgeon-scientist, Intensivist, and Associate Professor of Surgery in the Department of Surgery and Critical Care Medicine (University of Alberta). Her research spans two pillars of health inquiry --biomedical and clinical. She is the lead investigator for the Elder-friendly Approaches to the Surgical Environment (EASE) study, which is a multi-site care initiative investigating the impact of elder-friendly practices on surgical patients. Dr. Khadaroo's research aims to understand factors present at the patient and biological level to optimize perioperative care and improve outcomes in surgical patients. For more details visit: In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and creating medical illustration for her upcoming book 'Perioperative Care: Essentials of surgery for health professionals'.


The Research Team