Clinical and academic professional leaders contributing to multiple areas of research planning, strategy, and management.


Dr. Adrian WaggDr. Adrian WaggProfessor and Chair of Healthy Aging
Department of Geriatrics, University of Alberta
Dr. Raj PadwalDr. Raj PadwalAssociate Professor
Department of Internal Medicine, University of Alberta
Dr. Jayna Holroyd-LeducDr. Jayna Holroyd-LeducScientific Director
Senior’s Fiona Clement Health Strategic Clinical Network
Dr. Fiona ClementDr. Fiona ClementAssistant Professor
Department of Health Economics, University of Calgary
Dr. Heather HansonDr. Heather HansonScientific Director
Senior’s Health Strategic Clinical Network
Dr. Susan SlaughterDr. Susan SlaughterAssociate Professor
Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta
Dr. Thomas ChurchillDr. Thomas ChurchillAssociate Professor
Department of Surgery, University of Alberta
Dr. Puneeta TandonDr. Puneeta TandonAssistant Professor
Department of Gastroenterology
Dr. Vickie BaracosDr. Vickie BaracosProfessor
Department of Oncology, University of Alberta
Dr. Suzette Bremault-PhillipsDr. Suzette Bremault-PhillipsAssistant Professor
Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Alberta
Dr. Leah GramlichDr. Leah GramlichProfessor
Department of Medicine, University of Alberta
Dr. Aynharan SinnarajahDr. Aynharan SinnarajahClinical Lecturer
Palliative Medicine, University of Calgary
Tracy WasylakTracy WasylakVice President
AHS Strategic Clinical Networks and Clinical Care Pathways
Lynne MansellLynne MansellVice President
AHS Seniors Health SCN
Dr. Sue BuhlerDr. Sue BuhlerVice Research Lead
AAHS Nutrition Services
Ann ColbourneAnn ColbourneSenior Medical Director
AHS - Quality and Transformation
Mark HaykowskyMark HaykowskyProfessor
Faculty of Rehabiliation Medicine
ACES SurgeonsACES SurgeonsUniversity of Alberta Hospital
Dr. Ronald Brisebois, Dr. Klaus Buttenschoen, Dr. Kamran Fathimani, Dr. Stewart Hamilton, Dr. Gordon Lees, Dr. Todd McMullen, Dr. William Patton, Dr. Mary Van Wijngaarden-Stephens, Dr. Haili Wang, Dr. Sandy L Widder, Dr. David C Williams