• February 2018
    Studying the Impact of Frailty
    Dr. Khadaroo's team and students Teresa Li and Jenelle Pederson published their paper examining the impact of frailty on outcomes for older surgical patients after discharge this month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal this month. The study highlights the importance of using screening tools to measure the degree of frailty in older patients as a prognostic tool to help identify patients vulnerable to a higher risk of adverse outcomes and readmission. Read more about it in the full publication featured on the CMAJ website here.
  • September  2017 
    Dr. Khadaroo's Graduate Student receives 1st Prize at Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesia and ICU!
    Congratulations to Kimberly Macala on coming in first place at yet another presentation, this time for  Best Abstract sent in by a Resident at the 34th Scandinavian Society of Anasthesia and ICU, Malmo for her presentation on Cinaicguat improves intra-abdominal sepsis survival in young and aged mice.
  • June 2017
    Congratulations to Gil!
    Congrats to Gil Eamer for successfully completing his thesis defense! Gil has been involved in a number of papers with the EASE program, particularly the economic analysis of the EASE project. Thanks for all your hard work Gil and best of luck with your continuing residency!
  • May 2016.
    Dr. Khadaroo's Graduate Student receives first Prize at Anaesthesia Research Day and the Department of Critical Care Medicine Research Day
    Kimberly Macala received first prize for Clinical Science at both Anaesthesia Research Day and the Department of Critical Care Medicine Research Day for her research on Cinaciguat Confers a Survival Advantage in Sepsis in Young and Aged Mice. Great job Kimberly!
  • April 2015.
    The EASE Team presents our work at the Surgical Infection Society Annual Meeting
    Saad Salim and Nour AlMalki presented at the 35th Annual Surgical Infection Society Meeting in Westlake Village, California. Of the ninety-three abstracts that were submitted to the meeting, Dr. AlMalki ranked 7th. At the closing awards ceremony, Dr. AlMalki’s abstract was once again selected as one of the three “most interesting data.” She was invited to submit a full manuscript for submission with the possibility of receiving a monetary award! Congratuations Nour!